HardyStocks is a financial newsletter for resilient investing. Writing for a long-term-focused audience. I envision the readership would be people like me, who want to manage their own investment portfolios, but enjoy interesting perspectives from others. The perspectives are delivered separately to two distinct audiences: (a) the free audience, where I publish monthly perspectives on a company I like, that is part of the S&P 500 index, and (b) the paid subscriber audience, where I publish weekly perspectives on a broader range of topics. I welcome both audiences, and hope you find that your time here was well spent.

A lengthy description of my approach is available in the article titled “Introduction to Hardy Stocks”.

HardyStocks is written by me, PeterI have been interested in finance and investing for many years, long before I had any capital to invest.  I developed the courage and inspiration to launch this blog after becoming a paid subscriber of the wonderful technology strategy blog called Stratechery (Ben Thompson). But my fascination with finance and investing dates back to the mid-1990s (probably when I first read Peter Lynch’s One Up On Wall Street and Michael Lewis’s Liar’s Poker).

I have been an avid reader of investment literature, including (but not limited to) Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Mary Buffett, Nassim Taleb, Mark Spitznagel, Jack Schwager, Edwin Lefevre, Deborah Weir, Peter Schiff, Marc Faber, Jim Rogers, George A. Roberts, Gregory Zuckerman, Scott Patterson, Steven Drobny, and Ray Dalio.


I am currently a Data Scientist at a luxury electric car company. Previously a Data Scientist at a private venture-backed healthcare company (provides primary care to employers, including some of the largest technology companies in the world).

My current interests are at the intersection of software/data (I love Python!), business/finance, and writing/reading.

Previously I had a 15-year career in the niche field of patent licensing, mostly recently serving as a Business Development Executive at three different publicly-traded patent licensing companies (two in semiconductor-IP). Along the way, I founded 2 patent licensing startups, was a featured public speaker at many industry events, and co-authored an article in a well-regarded publication. If you’ve never heard of this industry, you would be like most people. Patent licensing a mostly obscure and misunderstood space, but I’m thankful for the many opportunities I found there.

In the field of finance, I have worked in various roles as an Interest Rates Trader, Investment Banking Associate, and Equity Research Intern (part-time job during college).  Tangentially related to finance, a few years ago I was the “main attraction” for 3 days of private 1-on-1 investment conferences organized by BNP Paribas (catering to major investors interested in patent licensing trends).

I have a BS from New York University’s Stern School of Business (dual specialization in Finance and Information Systems), and a MS in Data Science from Lewis University (specialization in Computer Science). I am co-inventor on 17 U.S. issued patents.

Here is a bit more detail on the background of HardyStocks.


To contact me, please email directly.  You can follow me on Twitter.

Announcement: New Logo

As of May 2019, we have a new HardyStocks logo! After making a mess by trying to do design something myself, I sought out professional design help. My friend Mike who I met at PyCon 2018 introduced me to Tyler Sowles, who created the logo seen below. I highly recommend Tyler: very professional, works quickly, great listener, patient, and good at incorporating the ideas behind what I’m creating. The entire process was super convenient.

Designed by Tyler Sowles at http://www.tylerdrawscomics.com

I also want to thank my friend Jona for his offer to also help me with the logo. I appreciate your generous spirit and helpful nature. I feel fortunate to know designers, because they are talented in a very important area (where I need help).